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We respect hard requirements of customer and we co-operate with specialists able to solve unusual details in cooperation of whole project. The things which are demanding for building must not be allowed to be demanding for customer by its usage.


By design of project we respect possibilities of building site, surrounding area and its geographical position. Customer is a part of creating of borders of planning and presents requests and expectations which have building meet. The result is project documentation for zoning permit and building permit, project documentation for realization of building and customer get a bonus – looking to the building by the visualisation which respects project documentation and allows for arrangement of internal equipment of the building.

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During realization we follow all technological processes, requirements which follow project documentation and agreements arranged with customer. If the building involve test, we will do or we will ensure certified testing and measuring as required, revisions or laboratory test. Beside of realization all turnkey project, we do construction of building according to project from customer or we do building supervision only.


We like to realize modern smart wiring. We teach your building to have intelligent, economical and comfort behaviour. We install Loxone Miniserver such as a brain of smart wiring. By this product is operating and use of building modern and intelligent. Another solution for reconstruction without any big changes within existing system is wireless component iNELS RF Control. We slickly realize water pipe and waste pipe. We equip your building with solar or photovoltaic panels, heating pump or reservoir. We can produce various reservoirs, shafts or construction elements from plastic and steel constructions. We supply cleaning equipment such as simply stripping tower and venting stations or complicated washing plant.

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